airbreath® users

Our satisfied users have recognized the quality of airbreath® products.

Erika Kraljević

Certified fitness coach

Proper breathing and the optimal amount of oxygen in the body greatly affects the strength, energy and stamina when exercising, and with the help of airbreath® oxygen, my workouts are much more effective. I always have a couple of bottles in stock.

Dominik Etlinger

Professional wrestler

After a good workout, it is necessary to take a little break and inhale extra oxygen for faster recovery. I feel like a new!

Mariana Dražić

Professional tennis player

Since I use airbreath® recreational oxygen I don’t need a break as often as before. With airbreath®, my body works and my muscles regenerate faster, so fatigue is a thing of the past.

Filip Ude

Proffesional gymnast

I train my whole career indoors where I don't have enough oxygen, but with airbreath® it's now a thing of the past. airbreath® recreational oxygen is available to me at all times and improves my performance

Tin Troha

Junior Motocross Champion of Croatia

airbreath® oxygen helps me a lot during strenuous trainings and races, especially in extreme weather conditions when it is very hot or during very rainy days, when riding a motorcycle requires a lot more power. Immediately after getting off the track, during a break or after a ride, I take oxygen to help me recover faster and to let the fatigue pass sooner. This means a lot to me, especially in races when there are more rides a day and it is crucial for success to shorten the recovery time from exertion.

Borna Mohač

Professional tennis player

I use airbreath® 100% PURE AIR for relaxation and purification of the lungs with clean air of the island of Lošinj, while I use airbreath® OXYGEN for training and during breaks for competition for faster muscle regeneration from fatigue. Great additions to my intense life.

Stipe Žunić

Professional shot putter

As an athlete with respiratory problems, I was interested in airbreath® products. Whether in a car, a stuffy gym or simply during a strenuous workout, an oxygen supply is crucial. That is why airbreath® products are at my fingertips and my breathing is much more efficient.

Danijel Švec


Recreational oxygen for profesional and recreational athletes, can be used before, during and after training or competition. It increases oxygen level in the blood to almost 100% of capacity and improves efficiency. Great thing!

Nika Turković


This is my favorite discovery. If you suffer from shortness of breath, asthma or drink a few more glasses in the evening, you are like new tomorrow.

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