Airbreath® 100% PURE AIR 2L

airbreath® 100% PURE AIR 2L


Bottle mass: 70 g
Bottle dimensions: 52 × 203 × 52 mm
Packaging mass: 95 g
Packaging dimensions: 55 × 210 × 55 mm


2L of 100% pure air from the island of Lošinj.
Unique in the world – quality tested twice and approved by the Laboratory for Analytics and Toxicology (ANT
Labs – Analytics and Toxicology d.o.o.) as well as by the Andrija Štampar Teaching Iinstitute of Public Health.
Actuator with serrated, anti-slip part for safe grip and accurate and high quality dosing of pure air.
Cover to protect the top of the bottle as well as the actuator for pure air dosing.
2L 100% pure air packaging – a size that fits almost any pocket and purse, an instant help in any situation.
Number of inhalations: up to 40 inhalations of 1 second

  • Air of the island of Lošinj, which has been recognized for over 125 years as an air of specific properties
    favorable to the respiratory system.
  • Air enriched with sea salt particles and dissolved aromatic plant essential oil particles – natural aerosol.
  • It is used to clean the lungs from unclean air as well as to refresh the respiratory system.
  • Suitable for all age groups, especially for pregnant women and children.
  • It is used in office-type people to reduce the health problems that result from the so-called Sick building



This product is solely intended for recreational use and pleasure and is not intended for curing or
preventing any ilness. This product is not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any disease or medical