Oxygen is the third most common element in the universe and makes for more than 20% of Earth's atmosphere. In the human body, oxygen is the most abundant element, comprising more than 65% of body weight. We inhale oxygen every second of every day, and it is essential to the human organism. Health status, activity level and hydration are factors affecting oxygen demand. Without adequate oxygen, health issues are guaranteed. There are many reasons why more oxygen is better. In one study, lab mice who received supplemental oxygen had more T-cells, better immune system and lived twice as long as mice with normal oxygen levels. Oxygen deprivation doesn't need to be sudden, such as choking or drowning, to be a problem. Oxygen deprivation can be a long-term issue, occurring over months or years. The reasons are diverse, typically including air pollution and poor indoor air quality. Health impacts of oxygen deprivation can be serious; it is even associated with tumor growth. Oxygen helps us destroy harmful bacteria in our body without affecting the useful bacteria that we need. All metabolic processes in the body are regulated by oxygen. It helps the brain, keeping it more powerful and capable to process a billion information each second. Oxygen also has an important role in digestion, normal metabolic function, removal of cellular and other metabolic waste.


Important facts:

  • About 90% of energy is supported by oxygen
  • Helps in keeping focus and good memory
  • Strengthens the heart, reducing cardiac arrest risk
  • Stabilizes the nervous system
  • Improves digestion and cell metabolism
  • Boosts physical recovery


airbreath® OXYGEN – USE


Each bottle of airbreath® oxygen contains pure recreational oxygen for energy boost and recovery. Every life situation demands a different level of airbreath® oxygen. Depending on various circumstances, you decide how many breaths of airbreath® oxygen you need. For example, if you feel tired, slow, under strain, jet-lagged, or you just need somefresh air. Every situation requires different amounts, depending on the individual.Your mood, oxygen and energy levels vary daily. Without a pulse oximeter, accurate determination of optimal oxygen levels can be dicult. The following recommendations are here to help you decide on the oxygen amounts you can inhale daily depending on different situations. Each situation requires between 4 and 100 quick breaths of airbreath® oxygen to restore optimal oxygen levels.

  • Morning sluggishness or afternoon sleepiness: 4 to 6+ breaths
  • Stressful day at work or school: 4 to 6+ breaths
  • Stuffy room or polluted air: 12 to 40+ breaths
  • Daily activity in busy traffic areas: 4 to 6+ breaths
  • Long road trip: 40+ breaths during travel
  • Short Fight: 6+ breaths after landing
  • Long international Fight: 40+ breaths after landing
  • Altitudes above 1000 m: 40+ breaths per day, as needed
  • Hiking and cycling at altitudes above 1000 m: 100+ breaths per day, as needed
  • Hiking at altitudes above 3000 m: 6+ breaths every 20 minutes
  • Weight and cardio workouts: 12+ breaths before workout
  • High-intensity exercises and trainings: 12+ breaths after trainingLate-night party: 15+ breaths before bed
  • Morning after a night of partying: 40 to 100+ breaths House activity: 4 to 6+ breaths
  • Lack of energy or mental weakness: 4 to 6+ breaths


Usage guidelines may vary depending on the individual, local air and activity level. airbreath® oxygen is intended solely for recreational, occasional use and must not be used for medical or healing purposes.
Persons with any type of health condition should consult a physician before using airbreath® oxygen.




Air is a major component of Earth and contains a blend of elements that helps human life to sustain itself. Among other elements, air contains oxygen, which is an isolated element in air. Without food, human beings can stay alive for days. Without water we can stay alive for several days, but without air one cannot survive for more than a few minutes. This is why air is the most important thing in life. The air we breathe not only helps us stay alive, it also determines the quality of life we live. Poor air quality is one of the most contributing factors to health challenges.
Important facts:
• A person inhales almost 16 kg of air every day
• We need 10 times more air than water and food
• The weight of the air creates atmospheric pressure
• An atmosphere with less than 16% oxygen can be life-threatening
• Air can be contaminated with some gases (such as carbon monoxide), smoke and ash
• Air pollution kills 800 people every hour or 13 every minute, accounting for more than three times the amount of people who die from malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combined each year


airbreath® 100% PURE AIR


airbreath® 100% PURE AIR is made on the island of Lošinj in the Republic of Croatia which is one of the most renowned climatic health resorts in the world. This air abounds with dissipated drops of medicinal plants’ essential oils and sea salt particles so it becomes natural healing aerosol.
Our air comes from the island area and is a combination of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon compounds and other natural elements. The air of the island of Lošinj is the first category of quality, and the ideal conditions are due primarily to its geographical position and Mediterranean climate with a large number of sunny hours and optimal temperature and precipitation. This natural medicinal aerosol in many ways has a positive effect on the entire respiratory system, reduces inflammation, has a calming effect on the bronchial tree, causes airways to expand, softens dense bronchial secretions, cleanses the lungs, reduces the time of recovery from the disease and generally improves the general condition of the body.
Research has shown that the air on island of Lošinj represents a one-of-a-kind theraupetic blend of clean air, aerosols and dissolved essential oils that has soothing effect on the respiratory system. This great treasure was acknowledged already in 1892 when Lošinj was declared a National Climatic Health Resort.
This unique, health-giving blend has beneficial effect on the bronchial tree and expands the bronchi. It can be used daily for the lung purification and relaxation. It's recommended to use this product at least 3 times a day, with 4-5 inhalations each time.
You can find much more detail about the product itself at www.airbreath-air.com

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