How to increase blood oxygen levels?

How to increase blood oxygen level?

Do you suffer from muscle pain making you feel as if you've been running a marathon?
Can you remember the last time you felt well rested?
Are you unable to focus on things?
Occasional dizziness and headache add up to all that, making you feel unable to give even 30, not to mention 100% of yourself?

Things are most probably not as bad as they look, however, they may turn into something more serious if you overlook one fact: the above mentioned symptoms often indicate that your blood oxygen levels are too low.

We do believe some of the guidelines provided here will make you realise why it is important to incease your body's oxygen levels as well as how to achieve that.

So if you finally want to get rid of that feeling that you lack energy when you most need it, we suggest you save this article in your browser because you'll surely want to go back to it at some point.


The importance of oxygen in our blood


„Breath is life“ - more than just a phrase.
Oxygen is the main source of energy crucial for brain function, but also the body as a whole.

Besides calling it a fuel that keeps us going, it has to be said that oxygen is very beneficial for our nervous system, but also very efficient in the fight against parasites and viruses, as well as body detoxification.

The cardiovascular system delivers oxygen to all cells in the body which need a constant supply of it.

When our body lacks oxygen, it can't produce enough energy for our daily activities, our cells weaken, leading to susceptibility to infection.

Among the first symptoms of low blood oxygen levels are fatigue, muscle pain, inability to deal with some physical challenges, poor concentration and lack of focus, feeling cold, heart palpitations etc.

What follows the above mentioned symptoms are some more serious issues such as heart diseases, swollen joints, depression or respiratory diseases.

Few people know that the drop of oxygen pressure in our veins can lead to tumors.

How do we know that?

Recent surveys have shown very good results of oxygen therapy in the treatment of chronic diseases as well as tumors.

Now you can see why we defined oxygen as a fuel, but also defence for our bodies.

Let's see now what causes the lack of oxygen in our bodies.


Why does the body lack oxygen?


There are several reasons, depending from person to person, however, we all have a few in common.

The thing we are all familiar with is air.

The percentage of oxygen in the air is around 20%. Due to pollution however, that percentage is much lower, especially affecting people who live in cities.

The truth here is a simple fact: more air pollution means less oxygen in our bodies.

Another issue we all share is the modern pace of life.

You've probably heard more than once that a fast-paced lifestyle has major implications for your health, the lack of oxygen in our bodies being one of them.
You may be an athlete or recreationist, but it does not mean you are not affected by the fast pace of life.

The lack of „fresh“ air, not enough or too much physical activity, a diet that does not fit your needs, may all lead to the lack of oxygen in your blood.

Increasing our blood oxygen levels doesn't have to be that hard.


How to increase the oxygen uptake?


Luckily, there are several ways to improve blood oxygen levels.

As previously mentioned, we cannot affect factors such as air pollution, but there are certain things we can do.

The first recommendation is to spend at least 30 minutes daily outside in the fresh air.
This however could be a problem for athletes and recreationists who train indoors.

What else can you do?

Depending on the air quality where you live, airing your home as often as possible is also recommendable.

Despite all recommendations, the increase of blood oxygen levels has proved to be hard to achieve in many European cities due to pollution.


Is there another way to increase oxygen levels in our blood?


The product we developed is airbreath® oxygen, created for recreational use.

Why did we develop this product?

The reason is simple – we were aware that many professional athletes as well as recreationists were looking for ways to reduce recovery time after a hard workout or physical activity.

It has been scientifically proven that oxygen used for medical and recreational purposes not only helps the body recover, but it also increases endurance and energy levels when they are most needed, and, most importantly, without any side effects.

What also needs to be said is that this product is not on the list of non-approved substances by WADA (World Anti- Doping Agency).

But we haven't stopped there.

We also looked for proof in the analysis conducted by the Laboratory for Analytics and Toxycology Ltd. as well as Dr. Andrija Štampar Institute of Public Health.

The lab findings and reports that confirm our products' quality can be found at the following link: CERTIFICATES


Who should increase their blood oxygen levels?


The answer is simple: all those who feel the need based on any of the above mentioned symptoms, their lifestyle and daily challenges.

Besides helping professional athletes and recreationists achieve better results, speed up recovery and be protected from injuries, oxygen will help those who travel a lot and are jet-lagged, or for instance professional musicians and singers who need more oxygen due to the nature of their work.

On top of that, all us who want to improve our health and be protected from diseases, should increase blood oxygen levels.

As previously mentioned, oxygen strengthens the heart, thus reducing the risk of heart attack, and it also improves digestion and boosts metabolism.

A study conducted on mice that were given extra oxygen has shown an increase in number of their T cells, a stronger immune system and they lived twice as long as mice with average oxygen levels.

Unlike medical oxygen, recreational airbreath® oxygen doesn't reqire a medical prescription, it is very easy to use, and comes in practical packaging.

You can purchase airbreath® oxygen at our online store.

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