History of the location

The island of Lošinj has been considered a place of healing for centuries.

Air of exceptional quality, scientifically proven by 130 years of research.

Being aware of the fact that not everyone is in the position to visit this unique location where health tourism has blossomed since the 19th century, we have decided to offer a product that will enable everyone to have a taste of our beneficial climate.

The history of the air of Lošinj

More than 130 years have passed since Dr Conrad Clar, inspired by the work of professor Haračić, arrived at Lošinj in search of a place where his son could convalesce. In spite of the many historical changes that occurred in the meantime, the medicinal properties of the climate of Lošinj have remained as a constant feature

Professor Ambroz Haračić can be credited with spearheading the first wave of development of health tourism on Lošinj (1855-1916)

  • ​In 1884, professor Haračić published his first work – a report on the results of the meteorological measurements he had conducted up to that point
  • In 1885, Dr Conrad Clar (1844-1904) arrived to Lošinj with his son, who had just convalesced from a serious case of scarlet fever and diphtheria. After just three weeks spent on Lošinj during February and March of the same year, his son recovered completely.
  • In 1885, Dr Leopold Schrötter von Kristelli (1837-1908), renowned internist, founder of modern laryngology and professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Vienna, explored the Kvarner together with his fellow scientists in search of the best location for establishing a winter health resort. He fell in love with the island of Lošinj already during his first stay!
  • In 1885, archduke Charles Stephen of Habsburg, member of the royal family, sailed the Adriatic in search of the best location for his winter residence. The island of Lošinj delighted him to such an extent that he regularly visited it with his family all the way up to 1915!
  • As can be expected, other members of House of Habsburg – emperor Franz Joseph and empress Elizabeth, archduke Franz Ferdinand and crown prince Rudolf – soon followed him to Lošinj, as did the family’s courtiers, the aristocracy and the more affluent members among the rapidly growing middle class.
  • In 1886, professor Haračić published his eminent study on the climate of Mali Lošinj based on many years of observation. His work was received with great enthusiasm by the Viennese public.
  • In 1887, professor Haračić established the Association for the Afforestation and Beautification of Mali Lošinj which, already in its first year, planted over 80 thousand pine trees (mostly Aleppo pine and Scots pine) and around 500 avenue trees (tamarisk, cypress etc.).
  • In 1888, Dr Clar published a work in which he stated that Lošinj was, above all, beneficial to convalescents and illness-prone persons, asserting that an improvement in their physical condition could be expected in response to the climate. He described Lošinj as a ˝climate champion˝ that needs to be further researched.
  • In 1891, a total of 500 thousand seedlings were planted on previously barren municipal and private plots.
  • In 1892, owing to the works of Dr Schrötter Dr Clar that were greatly based on Haračić’s many years of meteorological research, Mali and Veli Lošinj were officially declared winter health resorts.
  • In the second half of the 20th century, the influence of aerosols and climate therapy on the health of children was studied by Branko Vukelić, PhD, paediatrician and pulmonologist. His studies always yielded exceptional results, showing that the favourable climate and its natural medicinal properties had a beneficial effect on convalescence and the improvement of human health.
  • For two years (201-2012), Anamarija Margan-Šulc, MSc, conducted the scientific research project ˝Effect of the Climate and Natural Aerosols of the Island of Lošinj on Lung Functions˝.
  • The results showed improvement in the general condition of the lungs, particularly when it came to persons suffering from certain respiratory ailments, while also proving that spending time on Lošinj has an exceptionally therapeutic effect on people suffering from asthma, bronchitis and allergies and on ex-smokers. Visits in the duration of three weeks or more yielded particularly impressive results.

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