Why airbreath®?

Increased altitude means reduced atmospheric pressure, so each breath contains less and less oxygen molecules. The body has to strain to get oxygen, through deeper and quicker breathing, which is especially noticeable in physical activity, such as climbing. airbreath® oxygen is used by people going to high altitudes, 1500 m and above, prone to altitude sickness. A bottle of oxygen daily will help you adapt to the altitude and reduce altitude sickness symptoms.

What are the benefits of using it?

The use of airbreath® oxygen reduces the symptoms of altitude sickness, which occurs precisely due to the reduction of available oxygen for breathing at high altitudes. Each breath becomes heavier because it contains less and less oxygen which means the person is breathing faster and deeper, and this can affect the body in different ways. Namely, as the altitude increases, the air pressure and the amount of oxygen in the air fall. If the human body reaches a high altitude without gradual adaptation, breathing and heart rate are accelerated, all to compensate for the lack of oxygen which in turn causes fatigue. airbreath® oxygen effectively prevents fatigue and headaches that occur at high altitudes by supplying the body with pure oxygen which has a positive effect in the fight against altitude sickness.


  • supplies the body and cells with additional oxygen
  • improves blood oxygen levels, especially at higher altitudes, where air is thinner
  • alleviates negative effects of higher altitudes
  • reduces fatigue and drowsiness

NOTE: Please observe how higher altitudes reduce air oxygen volumes.

airbreath® OXYGEN