Why airbreath®?

Because of circulation slowdown as a result of aging, skin cells are supplied with increasingly less oxygen, which reduces their functionality. Cell oxygen amount is why skin diseases or aging develops faster or slower. airbreath® oxygen will help you feel better in your own skin. It refreshes the skin and reduces wrinkles. It is useful in detoxification processes and boosts the immune system. Also, people who spend their full working hours in a sitting position in offices often suffer from headaches, allergic reactions, mucosal irritation, poor concentration, fatigue and inexplicable psychological changes. airbreath® oxygen helps people living a high-tempo business lifestyle. Living at such pace leads to more stress, less concentration and poorer health, as the body quickly spends oxygen.

What are the benefits of using it?

Inhalation of pure oxygen such as airbreath® oxygen increases the natural ability of tissue regeneration and stimulates the secretion of enzymes that help wounds heal faster. Oxygen stimulates collagen formation, reduces wrinkles and increases skin elasticity and tension. It is also known that singers and movie stars often use oxygen to improve their vocal cords and skin tone. In addition, oxygen use has a positive effect on mental attitude and mood, reducing depression and lifting one's spirits. The more oxygen in our body, the more capable it is to generate life energy. In addition, airbreath® oxygen helps reduce stress levels, increases concentration and improves health in situations where the body is rapidly consuming oxygen.


  • slows aging
  • improves structure and elasticity of the skin and helps to refresh and rejuvenate it
  • reduces number and depth of wrinkles
  • helps people who work all day and are under constant pressure
  • increases mental concentration and energy
  • reduces the symptoms of stress and lack of sleep
  • reduces the occurrence of jet lag on business trips

airbreath® OXYGEN

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