Why airbreath®?

airbreath® oxygen improves cognitive abilities and improves mental focus. Students and pupils take a bottle of oxygen before exams to improve their memory and thinking abilities resulting in better exam results. Furthermore, the modern pace of living and working affects all aspects of life, driving included. More and more people are sitting behind the wheel after insufficient and poor quality sleep, which can lead to severe traffic accidents caused by fatigue. airbreath® oxygen helps combat fatigue, which routinely affects drivers. Fatigue causes bodily changes, for instance, in brain activity, and heart rate and eye movement slowdowns.

What are the benefits of using it?

airbreath® oxygen reduces the symptoms of fatigue that occurs in drivers, which is a different form of fatigue (mental), featuring reduced motivation, drowsiness, lack of focus, impaired vehicle control (e.g. speed variations, yawing). Even more dangerous is that drivers are unaware of the extent of their tiredness and keep driving. airbreath® oxygen is also used to prevent hangover. If used during alcohol consumption, the oxygen will generally prevent morning hangover. It is a known fact that WWII pilots used oxygen to treat hangover after all-night partying and drinking. Alcohol reduces blood oxygen, thus causing hangover. A few breaths of airbreath® oxygen replenishes blood oxygen levels.


  • boosts concentration when studying
  • boosts concentration of drivers driving on longer distances
  • reduces stress and sleep deprivation symptoms
  • reduces stress level in traffic jams
  • reduces exhaustion and fatigue on long journeys
  • increases energy on journeys where tiredness emerges early – reducing reaction times
  • helps treating hangover symptoms

airbreath® OXYGEN

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