Filling Location

Why the island of Lošinj?

Located in the southern part of Central Europe, in the Republic of Croatia, the island of Lošinj is famous for its pristine nature and air with medicinal properties.

As the entire island is covered with a variety of medicinal plants which, in combination with favourable air currents and sea aerosols, enrich the air of the island, we are always in search of the best location for capturing air of the highest quality. ​

The Lošinj archipelago is located in the middle of the northern hemisphere at a latitude of 45°, largely in the subtropical zone of the southern part of the northern hemisphere. Its geographical position is of key importance for the variety of medicinal properties that make it a natural place of healing

Our wish is to offer this air to the world because it is one-of-a-kind.

The particularly clean and aromatic air has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, and the people who visit this region love to come here all year round. All of these facts inspired us to offer clean, natural air that is not only free of industrial and urban pollution, but also bears unique medicinal properties.

The therapeutic properties of Lošinj’s climate, its warm sea and its magnificent bays make it one of the top places for health tourism in the world.

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