We are AIR RIO Company based in Mali Lošinj, Republic of Croatia. We were founded in 2015 and in 2016 we started with the airbreath® project. Our airbreath® products were created with the idea and purpose of providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of pure oxygen for recreational use and our clean air of the island of Lošinj with specific properties suitable for human health. Aware of the fact that not everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of pure oxygen for recreational use and the therapeutic effect of our air every day throughout the year, it has encouraged us to put considerable effort and commitment into launching this product globally. We offer two types of products in our range. airbreath® OXYGEN is oxygen for recreational use of 99.5% purity. With extremely high purity (percentage) oxygen delivered to the body, muscles can regenerate faster and people with very poor respiratory systems can breathe more easily. Recreational oxygen is a term used for non-medical or non-medicinal oxygen. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of recreational oxygen, most notably athletes, recreational athletes, bodybuilding people, mountaineers, trekkers and others who engage in activities that require excessive oxygen consumption in the body. airbreath® OXYGEN replaces oxygen and increases endurance and energy. airbreath® 100% PURE AIR is pure, compressed air of island of Lošinj in a bottle that is used to clean the airways and to purify the lungs. Proud of the fact that the island of Lošinj has been recognized as a health resort for respiratory problems for over 125 years and since 1892 declared a health resort, we have offered a unique product on the market, we dare to say without competition, manifested in the fact that the air of the island of Lošinj is enriched with sea salt particles and dispersed drops of essential oils of medicinal plants that have been proven to have a positive effect on human health.

airbreath® is a registered trademark of AIR RIO, a production and service company based in Mali Lošinj, Croatia.



Company details

AIR RIO proizvodno-uslužni obrt, vl. Ivan Volarić
Dražica 15
OIB: 21957166969
MBO: 97572683
PDV/VAT No: HR21957166969
IBAN : HR4823600001102834701 - Zagrebačka banka d.d.
IBAN : HR0824070001100438525 - OTP banka d.d.


Island of Lošinj, Croatia


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